You must comprehend how Taurus men function if you want to know how to emotionally connect with them. The fourteen ways you can emotionally connect with your Taurus man will be discussed in this article.

If you notice that he seems to be concentrating all of his attention on one particular aspect of his life, you should make every effort to participate in his happy activities. Of course, it’s important to remember that a Taurus man prefers to focus on the positive aspects of life.

It’s crucial that you try to influence his decisions as you figure out how to emotionally connect with a Taurus man.

Make Him Comfortable

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

Making the Taurus man comfortable should be your first priority if you want to engage in an emotional bonding session. That is, pick a slow-paced evening where it’s just the two of you, some good wine, and a good dinner.

Dim the lights and arrange big, plush pillows on your sofa. Maybe put some essential oils in a diffuser to create a more tranquil and relaxing environment. Use your understanding of how sensitive Tauruses are to their physical surroundings and senses to establish the tone.

Touch Him

Taurus people tend to be verbally sparse. Instead, they rely on touch to both express their feelings and to receive affection from you. What this means for you is that you should touch him in sweet, romantic ways.

While you’re watching TV, stroke his palm and fingers. Give him a neck rub. This is a great place to ease his stress and demonstrate your concern for him because Taurus rules the neck and throat.

Simply for fun, stroked his cheek and grinned. These kinds of insignificant things make Taurus men feel warm and fuzzy inside.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

Be Understanding and Patient

The bull rules the sign of Taurus. Although this amazing creature can gain a lot of momentum, he takes some time to get going. You can’t expect him to be completely forthcoming right away. Since Taurus is a fixed sign, he probably feels secure in his current position.

If you’re constantly preoccupied with his emotions and feelings, your Taurus man won’t be interested. Aiming to get him to open up before he’s ready will only make him pull away. He will perceive it as you pushing past his boundaries or rushing him.

Give your Taurus the time and room to find you when he’s ready. Just be patient and understanding until then.

This means you shouldn’t eavesdrop on him or ask him questions he doesn’t feel confident answering. Just let him be and respect his boundaries.

If you’re attempting to reach out to him on an emotional level, this might seem counterproductive. On the other hand, if you give your Taurus man the freedom to open up on his own terms, he might do so more quickly.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

Make Him Feel Appreciated

Achieving goals drives Taurus men. They seek approval and feeling from their partners. Make sure to compliment your Taurus man frequently and sincerely, and express your gratitude for all he does for you.

When your Taurus does little favors for you, like making dinner or buying you flowers, let him know. Make sure your man understands that you couldn’t live without him because Taurus men need to feel needed.

You should express your gratitude in a concrete way if you want your Taurus man to feel it. In exchange for him doing something special for you, do the same for him. There’s no requirement that it be significant.

However, it must be a gesture that has personal significance for him, like a quick shoulder rub, a warm embrace, or a homemade meal of his choice.

Show Him You’re Loyal

A Taurus needs to feel secure in his relationship in order to express his emotions. The best way to convey this to your man is with loyalty. This appears to be being there for him when he needs you, being encouraging even when times are difficult, and always having his back. Being monogamous and devoted to him is another way to show your loyalty.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

When you’re out dating or mingling with friends, make your Taurus man feel like the only guy in the room. Taurus men are extremely possessive and need assurance that their partner is only interested in them.

He will also test your loyalty to other important people in your life, such as friends and family. Don’t forget to emphasize your commitment to the people you care about the most. Your Taurus man will be more willing to open up to you about his feelings once he learns about your track record.

Let Him Take the Lead in the Relationship

You must give your Taurus man the feeling that he is in charge if you want to make him feel at ease in your relationship. These men like to be in charge because they place such a high value on security and safety.

I’ve found it difficult to hand over control to my Taurus man because I’m a fiery Sagittarius woman. But it was worth it because he feels more secure in our relationship and is therefore more likely to open up to me emotionally.

Of course, this does not imply that you should be a pushover for your Taurus man. You should still speak up for who you are and what you want from the relationship. However, make an effort to give him room to take the lead.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

You can achieve this by seeking out his opinion, delegating decision-making to him, and heeding his advice.

Acknowledge His Feelings

Tauruses are frequently considered mysterious and reserved. Taurus men have the propensity to suppress their emotions, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any.

When trying to get your Taurus man to open up, it can feel a bit like a catch-22. If he doesn’t think you comprehend or acknowledge his feelings, he won’t want to express them to you.

The result is that if you don’t speak up first, your man might never say anything. You should be proactive in this area of the relationship. Pay attention to his energy level, his voice’s emotion, and his body language.

Ask him about it when you notice that he is experiencing strong emotions. By doing this, you’ll be able to demonstrate to him your awareness of and concern for his feelings.

Don’t pass judgment when your Taurus man speaks. When he’s finished talking, just acknowledge you listening to him and express your gratitude. This will greatly increase intimacy in your relationship, allowing your man to open up to you on a deeper level.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

Stay Emotionally Calm When Sharing

I can be a bit of a hothead, as was already mentioned. This means that when I express my feelings, they are often highly emotional and unfiltered.

However, my Taurus man is a lot more sense than you might think. Before he expresses his emotions to me, he gives them some thought. I sometimes find this annoying because I just want him to tell me how he feels!

Nevertheless, I’ve come to realize how crucial it is to accommodate my Taurus partner. I make sure to be cool and collected when I talk about my feelings with him.

This makes him feel more at ease talking to me and enables us to have a more fruitful exchange of ideas.

My ability to connect with my Taurus man on a deeper level has allowed me to be happier than ever. If we can talk more openly as a result of taking a moment to collect ourselves, it will be worthwhile.

Connect With Him in Person

A Taurus man has straightforward habits. He works, then he relaxes; he eats when he’s hungry and sleeps when he’s exhausted. He attends to immediate needs and concentrates on what is in front of him.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

Since he can show you affection and give you his full attention in person, it will be much simpler for him to connect with you. The real magic occurs when you are together, despite the fact that thoughtful texts to him to let him know you are thinking of him are appreciated.


Sometimes all a Taurus wants to do is cuddle you. He wants to be held physically close. He is ecstatic to be able to lie there with you, hold you, and smell your hair.

As a result, cuddle up together and unwind. You don’t have to say a lot. Enjoy your cuddles while you can.

Steer Clear of Prying

You might believe your query is straightforward. But asking a Taurus man may feel threatened if you ask him how he really feels. He’ll build up his barriers and avoid you.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

If this occurs to you, Anna Kovach’s book Taurus Man Secrets will explain what to do. You should be patient and wait until he is prepared. You can let him know you’re there for him, then allow him to come to you when he feels the time is right.

Don’t Criticize Him

Despite what you might think, Tauruses are extremely sensitive. If you criticize him, you’ll probably notice from the way he withdraws that a Taurus man takes it pretty personally. He will dismiss you or create a distance between you.

If you want to make a suggestion to him, make sure you don’t correct him in your language. However, it’s best to keep your suggestions limited, or he’ll start wondering if you’re not happy with him and pull away.

The Way to His Heart is through His Stomach

Although it may sound cliché, those who are under the sign of Taurus can attest that this statement is accurate. Both Taurus men and women enjoy fine cuisine. Cooking for your Taurus man will therefore make him feel loved. Make the meals he enjoys eating and learn more about his favorite cuisine.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

You don’t need to be a skilled chef, so don’t worry. He won’t mind if a particular dish doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped.

But the effort you put in will be noticed by him. He’ll be more than pleased to know that you tried your best to please him, and he’ll value it above all else.

Additionally, doing this together is a fantastic way to spend time. Why wouldn’t you cook alongside a partner? Another enjoyable activity to spend quality time together is taking a cooking class.

Trying to Change Him Will Bring You Nowhere

This is some relationship counsel for this sign: don’t try to change a Taurus. You will abjectly fail.

how to emotionally connect with a taurus man

Despite your best efforts, this man has a strong personality and won’t change overnight. Additionally, he will flee for his life the moment he senses that you are trying to change him.

Technically speaking, if he truly loves you, he might try to change some of his personality traits. But he’ll quickly become emotionally distant if that, instead of improving the relationship, causes dissatisfaction.

Accepting this man as he is will help you win his heart and mind. Yes, that also applies to his shortcomings.

Don’t worry; he won’t always be able to improve certain aspects of himself. If you don’t put any pressure on him, he’ll do it on his own terms. Simply put, your role is to encourage him to grow and support him as he strives to become a better man.