It goes without saying that falling in love is simple. It can be exciting to develop romantic ties through friendship. With countless conversations, memories, and inside jokes behind you, you and this person are already close. What happens if you want to date a friend you’ve known for a while? Before you start dating a friend, think about these nine things.

Make Sure You’re On The Same Page

Does your friend feel the same way about you that you do about them? It can be challenging to tell whether your friend likes you or if they are simply acting in accordance with good friend behavior unless you have previously spoken about this in clear terms.

Naturally, if your feelings are strong, you should probably express them regardless of whether you believe your friend feels the same way about you.

Honesty is important to any successful friendship, and suppressing strong emotions like these could make you feel uncomfortable or even resentful.

Check That You’re Both Ready For A New Relationship

Are you both in a good enough condition to go on a date? To start a romantic relationship with someone simply because you like them is insufficient.

It might be best to stay friends or wait for a better time if one of you recently ended a toxic relationship, plans to relocate for work out of state or is otherwise unable to approach the relationship in a healthy way.

You two can decide whether you’re in a good place to begin a new relationship by having a good, old-fashioned heart-to-heart.

Be Sure To Take The Pressure Off

How will your relationship change? When it comes to physical affection, the transition from friends to partners can be awkward.

When it comes to things like PDA, how does the other person feel? Will you immediately regard the relationship as exclusive, or will you wait to fully commit before trying it out? Are you going to hang out more frequently? Less?

If you’re going to do this, you’ll want to do it correctly; talking to your friend-turned-date-partner could help to lessen some of the difficulty that comes with navigating new relationship territory.

Dating A Friend

Success In A Friendship Doesn’t Equal Success In A Romantic Relationship

“Your mutual friends tease, “You two are so adorable together.” “Despite the fact that you and your best friend may get along great and look good together, a romantic relationship isn’t always going to be easy.

Many things that friendships don’t involve being present in romantic relationships: mutual decision-making, consideration of each other’s “love languages,” physical intimacy, commitment, communication, and often exclusivity, to name a few.

Furthermore, the romance might not be as cozy as the friendship if you two aren’t compatible in those areas.

Crushes On Close Friends Can Be Blinding

Even if you’re not aware of it, having a crush can make you see the world through rose-colored glasses. This may have even more impact if there is a crush within a friendship or when a potential romantic connection is only a few steps away.

The harsh ways in which your crush “talks smack” about their friends when those friends aren’t present might slip your mind.

Be Really Honest About Why You Want To Date Them

Dating a dependable friend can seem like a great option when you’ve re-downloaded every new dating app only to swear off romance for the rest of your life two hours later.

They are adorable, obliging, and trustworthy. But a healthy romantic relationship is about much more than just feeling safe.

Don’t Involve Your Friends Too Much In The Beginning

If you’re going to talk to someone, think about choosing someone who isn’t a shared friend because you might need help sorting through the realization that you might have feelings for a friend.

Developing a romantic relationship from a friendship is not always easy; there may be some back and forth. Although your common friends might be very curious about what’s going on between the two of you, a romantic relationship is between two people.

Expect That Things – Including Sex – Might Be Really Awkward At First

People bring different sexual expectations to their relationships, so whether you expect magic the first time or you view your sexual relationship as something that can grow and change, that will influence how satisfied you are not just sexually but in the relationship.

It might be simpler for two people to start dating if they are both willing to work on that aspect.

Accept That Your Relationship Will Get More Complicated

It doesn’t necessarily follow that your friendship will always consist of regular boning sessions with your cool friend. It’s a good thing that things will become emotionally more complicated than your friendship ever was because they will.

A new sense of commitment and interdependence must be created with the support of both parties. People who engage in sexual activity are not just friends; they can also be in a romantic relationship.

We rely on and depend on our romantic partners a lot more than we rely on friends.

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