The likelihood of being betrayed is higher than many of us would like, despite our desire to extend the benefit of the doubt. Have you ever thought that betrayal is inevitable in platonic and romantic relationships? Did you know there are ways to tell when someone is going to betray you even though you have no control over how other people behave? Here are the signs that indicate your friend betrays you.

They Aren’t There For You

If your friends aren’t always there for you when you need them, then they’re not true friends. Why? Whatever happens, a true friend will be by your side. When you need them most, a dependable friend will be there.

In situations like this, good friends can sometimes be even more crucial, and they should be treated with respect.

It takes a lot of courage to stick by your best friend through this challenging time in life and be there for them as well. No matter what, a true friend will support you. A reliable friend will recognize that your friends are the people you can depend on the most in trying times.  You should always be able to count on your friends for support.

They Begin To Act Out Of Character  

Ever thought you knew someone, but then they started acting in a way you wouldn’t have expected? For instance, you’re shy and reserved friend’s behavior and mannerisms completely change once they start to hang out with a more popular friend group.

Even though people change constantly, sudden and significant changes may indicate that your friend has reinvented themselves and is no longer the same person they once were. As part of their new persona, they might be more willing to betray you. 

3. They Begin To Distance Themself From You 

Ever feel like someone is slipping away from you? It might involve unfollowing you on social media or inventing justifications to stay away from you. Even though there might be other explanations, it’s a clear indication that they’re planning to turn on you. Distance between the two of you typically indicates that they are losing interest in you emotionally, which suggests that they may be relocating away to avoid the guilt of betraying you later. 

They Don’t Celebrate With You

Your friend will support you at all times, not just when you’re down. Being a friend isn’t enough; you also need to support your friends. Both good and bad times, you must stand by them.

It’s the little things that count, like when you see a friend for only five minutes and inquire about how they’re doing even though you already know the answer.

You must make an effort to stay in touch with your friends and recognize their value in your life. It’s very simple to throw friends under the bus if you don’t do this. It’s true at all times!

They Talk Badly About You Behind Your Back  

Have you ever unintentionally overheard someone talking about you? You might have a friend who constantly spreads rumors about other people to you, but you would never imagine that they would do the same to you.

Someone insulting you behind your back is a huge sign they’re envious of you and trying to make others dislike you as well, much like when someone gives you an untrue compliment. It’s not just a clear sign of a fake friend; it also suggests that the person is capable of betraying you and is likely to do so.


They Tell Many Small Lies  

Ever caught someone telling a white lie? Although it may not seem like a big deal, telling little white lies is a precursor to telling bigger and more significant lies. A person has the capacity to lie about bigger things if they lie about smaller things like where they got something or who they spoke to.

Since communication and trust are essential components of any relationship, a sincere person wouldn’t lie, even about seemingly insignificant matters. 

They Drain Your Energy

This is the big one. A true friend doesn’t drain you. They have enough love for themselves and still have plenty to share with you on an equal basis.

You probably don’t have friends—only energy vampires who are sucking off of your goodness—if you constantly feel depleted by your friends. They’re attempting to make you feel bad about yourself by sapping your energy.

True friends never attempt to undermine your self-worth and induce self-consciousness. Above all, a true friend encourages you!

They’re Disrespectful

Your friend should have the utmost respect for you. A true friend will stand by you no matter what when you make decisions for yourself and will support those decisions.

If your friends don’t respect your decisions, then they are not faithful friends. Setting boundaries with yourself and making it clear that this behavior is not acceptable to you is the best course of action in this circumstance.

The Friendship Is One-Sided

A friendship is not true if only one person gives while receiving nothing in return. They are not your true friend if they only feel emotions when you are present. To make this work, there must be shared love.

No matter what, a good friend will stand by you and be there for you. If you’re with a one-sided friend, you won’t understand. They will only ever consider themselves and prioritize their own needs over yours.

It’s not a true friendship if you give someone your whole heart but they never even inquire about how you’re doing. A balanced relationship requires both giving and receiving, or it will never work.

They Have Something To Gain From You

Another way to assess a person’s friendliness is through their behavior. It’s not a true friendship if your friends have something to gain from your suffering. It’s true that someone might attempt to use you for their own gain, but the best way to determine if this is taking place is to simply be honest. 

It is pointless to keep a friend if you are constantly wary of other people and never take precautions to protect yourself from harm. Only “flat-earthers” will remain in partnerships in which they are constantly the target of scheming on the part of others.