Nothing is more exciting than a brand-new relationship that is working out. The amount of time you spend together is increasing, and you two are becoming more intimate every day. The question is, how long should you date before committing to a boyfriend or girlfriend? After five or six dates, a relationship expert claims that it is socially acceptable to bring up the subject. Read this article and you can know the answer.

How Long Should You Date Before Becoming Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Before making things official with someone, it’s important to go on a number of dates. When you date someone for a while, you can get to know them better. The more time you spend together, the more you both learn about one another.

Before making any commitments, you should give the other person the chance to get to know them well. One or two dates won’t be enough to give you a full understanding of someone.

You would also need to feel more at ease around that person in order to engage in more in-depth, meaningful conversations that would enable you to learn more about each other.

Although the initial spark and attraction you experience on dates are really great, you cannot build your entire future relationship on them.

Spending more time together is the best way to determine whether there is potential for a relationship or not because a relationship needs to be based on more than just an initial attraction.

A general rule of thumb is to go on at least five or six dates before thinking about taking things official, but the more time you give yourself, the more you’ll know if a relationship is a good idea or not!

Things To Consider Before You Become A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

  • Is it too soon to be boyfriend and girlfriend

It depends on your compatibility and how frequently you spend time together. Take your time getting to know one another if you haven’t known each other for very long rather than diving right in. You’ll at least get to know your potential partner better if you do this.

“Clairvoyant healer and teacher Elizabeth Hunter Diamond advises, “The real key is being present. “Being in the moment entails taking pleasure in your time with your new friend and allowing the relationship to develop without worrying about what might happen next.”

“Being present allows you to make thoughtful decisions without feeling hurried. You can wait for the relationship to develop at its own natural pace. You’ll be in touch with your truth about when to advance it further the more present you are.”

  • Your relationship changes when you become boyfriend and girlfriend.

There will be changes in the relationship, so be aware of that. When you make that choice, whether it’s right away when you start dating or when you’re halfway between friends and romance, things are moving forward and you shouldn’t ever go back.

What does it look like to be a boyfriend and a girlfriend? As noted by psychologist Lorell Frysh, you must first determine whether you are prepared.

“What draws them to the other person, whether they are prepared to open up and let the other person truly get to know who they are, whether they are prepared to commit to a real relationship and accept the growth and learning that serious relationships demand of us, are all significant factors that people need to take into account,” she asks.

Signs You Are Ready To Be Official

You Communicate Well

A successful relationship depends on communication, so you need to be at ease talking to the person you are dating.

When you are with them, you should feel comfortable being open and vulnerable. You should also have the confidence to approach them with your feelings and be receptive to hearing them out.

There is little chance that your relationship will endure over the long term without communication, and you won’t ever be able to work through problems openly and with trust in your partner.

How Long Should You Date Before Becoming A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

You Have Time For A Relationship

Dating can be enjoyable and is frequently lighthearted and non-committal. But as time passes, deeper emotions will arise, and this will make both of you feel as though you must move forward.

You need to make sure that you have time for a relationship, so don’t mistake your feelings for this person for permission to continue as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Make sure a relationship won’t prevent you from pursuing your other goals, such as attending school or fulfilling other dreams, or from what you are already doing.

Even if you are concerned that stating that you are not ready might hurt the other person, only get into a relationship if you are certain that it is what you want right now.

You Are Compatible

If two people are compatible, a relationship will function best. The adage “opposites attract” may hold true in some relationships, but a lasting relationship requires compatibility between the two people.

Make sure that you share the same morals, values, and expectations in a relationship. If one person wants a serious commitment and the other person doesn’t, there isn’t a good chance that the relationship will work.

There are many factors that contribute to compatibility, and it can take some time to figure this out while dating because the excitement and sparks may mask any compatibility problems the two of you may have in the beginning. However, the more time you spend getting to know each other, the clearer it will become.

You Really Want A Commitment

You must be certain that you are prepared for the significant commitment that relationships entail. Although taking the next step to becoming official does change this, you might be perfectly content with dating and the freedom that comes with it.

Make sure you are prepared to dedicate your life to this one person and that you are not still interested in playing the field and perhaps exploring your options.

If you don’t feel ready, you don’t have to commit to a relationship, and you can continue dating if that’s what you need.

Be Open And Honest With Each Other

You must be open and truthful with the person you are dating. This doesn’t imply that you must decide how many children you’ll have after your second date or have your wedding organized by the first, but it is wise to be aware of one another’s expectations.

It is not necessary to do this right away; instead, it is wise to go on a few dates to get to know each other better before discussing your future plans.

Knowing whether one of you is only looking for something more casual or whether both of you are interested in a potential relationship is helpful.

You can tell if you and your partner are on the same page and whether you have something you can work toward by being open and honest with one another.

Don’t Feel Pressured

Never feel compelled to make something official if you are not ready to. Do not rush into becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, even after 10 dates.

It is unfair for the person you are dating to put pressure on you to take your relationship official, and relationships that are started with one person feeling pressured into it never really last for very long.

It’s also unfair to keep someone waiting too long in the hopes of a future romance while never giving them your undivided attention. Although it is a very fine line to walk, you must always make sure that your comfort and happiness with the choice you are making are paramount.