Cheating can not only deal a severe blow to your relationship but additionally change you on a quintessential level. The hurt, the pain, and the anger don’t go away quickly, if at all. Protecting oneself against being cheated on in a relationship is one of our primal instincts. There are 3 types of men who may have affairs.

What Percentage Of Married Men Have Affairs

While statistics show that men are more likely than girls to cheat, there are specific types of guys who cheat more generally than others. The motive why men have affairs will be tied right down to their character sorts, psychological makeup, or youth behaviors.

On occasion, men who wrestle with poor attachment kinds, intimacy points, and solicitude of fidelity generally tend to stray from their long-term connections or marriages. Also, character issues evocative of narcissism are straight linked to the coming probability of dishonesty.

Unless you’re a professional in human psychology, recognizing these character traits and relating them with the mindset of a person who’ll cheat and have long-term affairs will be exhausting.

To make it simple so that you can spot the primary pointers of dishonesty indeed earlier than a transgression has passed, we’ve now damaged them down into types of guys who cheat.

3 Types Of Men Who Likely Have Affairs

Mr. Charming

Mr. Charming has an essential playboy personality, marked by a tendency to flirt with women, and generally, keep an affinity with them. However, suppose back to the early days of your relationship, if you’re in a relationship with one. Did being with this man make you feel like you were dating a player? If yes, also your mate, unfortunately, fits the bill of men who cheat.

Charming is smart, fun, a smooth talker, exciting, and affable, which makes being around him easy and pleasurable. It’s this disarming persona that he uses to his advantage to win over girls despite his relationship status. In his mind, he’s impeccably justified in doing so. He sees the affair as a reward for his endearing, infectious personality.

So, is it possible for someone to love you and still cheat on you? Mr. Charming is the textbook illustration that it is. For him, infidelity isn’t a reflection of the state of his marriage or relationship but a way to prove to himself that he has still got it. Among the men having affairs, he’s the kind of man who cheats but stays wedded or continues to be in a relationship with his primary mate.

Mr. Horny

The horny guy is essentially your classic player.

He may enjoy fascinating someone differently into bed for the sport of it, or because he considers himself to have a high sex drive that needs satisfying.

He’s frequently incredibly attractive and a smooth jabberer. He’s the man that’s hard to resist – personable, delightful, instigative, and confident. As well as the sex, the wanton guy generally loves the attention being with someone differently brings. It validates him and makes him feel good about himself.

Still, he may believe that his infidelity is purely practical and animalistic rather than an emotional betrayal to feel guilty about if he considers himself to have a high libido.

This type of man will argue that they find it delicate to be satisfied by one woman alone, and blame their high sex drive for their infidelity.

Around one-third of actors in infidelity, the study said that sexual desire was the main reason for their infidelity.

Strong magnet and changing someone differently hot is the sole provocation of the wanton guy, rather than any more complex emotional reasons.

For the wanton guy, infidelity isn’t a response to any particular problem within a relationship, it’s a response to their tedium. For this type of man, cheating is a way of fulfilling their desire for variety.

Mr. Still-Not-Over-His-Ex

Being stuck in the past is one of the telling indicators of the mindset of a man who’ll cheat and have long-term affairs. It’s also one of the most common reasons for affairs between wedded couples.

Guys cheat beforehand in a relationship when they take the plunge of being with someone without dealing with a breakup, nasty heartbreak, or residual feelings for a former mate. This is also the most heartbreaking among the 3 types of men who have affairs, as there’s a great deal of emotional investment involved.

Signs Of Men Having Affairs With Their Exes

Past Under Wraps

One of the top reasons why men have affairs is undetermined passions from the past. So, if he doesn’t talk to you about that one history relationship, in particular, try changing out if he’s still not over that ex. However, there’s a high risk that he’s still in love with his partner and may transgress if that partner comes back into his life. 

Hazy Details

You don’t know anything about his life during that time except for sketchy details. This could well be because he hasn’t truly closed that chapter in his mind. maybe, a part of him is still staying for that partner to come back. However, the less you know about it, the easier it’ll be for him to revitalize the love without you ever changing out, if she does. The mindset of a cheating man, in this case, is embedded in secretiveness. 

Social Media Behavior

He has come extremely conservative about posting’ couple-y’ things on social media. An unforeseen change in social media habits could be an index that once the honey has been revived and he doesn’t want to give the impression that he’s in a happy and fulfilling relationship with you. 

Stalking a Partner

His browsing history reflects that he has been stalking his partner. Or, his browsing history is wiped clean every time. Men who have affairs are extremely conservative about covering their tracks. However, you’ll need to outwit your mate If you have reason to suspect you’re being cheated on. The partner can not be named. The room falls silent if you ask his friends about that partner. That portentous silence should tell you that commodities aren’t relatively resolved in that chapter of your mate’s life, which puts him in the order of 3 types of men who have affairs. 

In Relationship With His Phone

He spends a lot of time with his phone or delays for you to fall asleep and sneakily uses his phone late into the night. It feels as if no matter what you’re saying or doing, his phone has a commodity further intriguing to say. 

Poor Sex Life

Your sex life has taken a hit off late or has always been kindly lackluster. You may find that no matter how important you try, you can not establish a deeply intimate connection with him. Indeed during your most intimate moments, you may feel as if he’s just going through the movements without being completely present in the moment.