Similar to how cold is to hot, courting is to dating. They represent entirely different perspectives on the relationship. Therefore, if you’re single and looking to date, give your choice of partners some thought. Are you dating or courting? Read the article to figure out the relationship between dating and courting.

What Is Dating

Dating is when two people get together socially for companionship with the goal of determining whether one of them would make a good partner for a long-term relationship or marriage.

In other words, dating is the process of getting to know someone in preparation for a potential romantic relationship.  Since this is just the initial phase of getting to know each other, dating typically does not involve serious commitment.

Without the expectation of a long-term relationship or commitment, dating allows people to freely spend time with a person.

They only begin to become committed to one another after spending time together and getting to know one another. The couple has no relationship or commitment, so they have fewer expectations of one another.

Expectations also begin to increase as the couple’s relationship develops. Physical intimacy may occasionally be a part of dating. The relationship may progress once the couple has several dates and develops a serious love for one another. 

What Is Courting

A romantic relationship with the goal of marriage is called courting. It can also be characterized as establishing a long-lasting, meaningful relationship with someone that entails courtship.

The courtship period is when a couple grows closer while getting to know one another and deciding whether or not to get engaged and get married. Marriage is the ultimate objective of courtship.

Most of the time, as the couple gets to know one another and considers becoming husband and wife, the couple’s family, particularly the parents, monitors the relationship.

The following are the three main characteristics of courting: courting does not involve sexual intimacy, it happens with parents’ approval, and the relationship ends in marriage.

Courting might seem strange and archaic in today’s society. Even so, some communities—particularly those that are intensely religious—continue to engage in this practice.

Dating VS Courting

Differences Between Dating And Courting

Purpose Of The Relationship

The main objectives of spending time with a prospective spouse differ between courtship and dating. When men and women decide to date, they frequently are not thinking about getting married to the other person.

The decision to go on a date is not based on maturity or readiness for marriage. Instead, dates are typically planned with the egotistical intention of enjoying oneself and developing romantic relationships.

As opposed to this, courtship is only started when both parties are ready to commit to marriage.

Accountability To Authorities

Little to no accountability for the couple and minimal to no interaction with family members exist in a dating relationship. The couple is merely attracted to one another and frequently pursues an exclusive relationship without consulting or listening to anyone else.

The couple may easily give in to temptation and forget their duty to honor each other in purity and genuine love because the boundaries of the relationship are self-determined.

The parents or other mentors of a courting couple are sought after for accountability. As they establish ground rules for their relationship, it will be simpler for them to understand that God also expects them to respect one another.

Their resolve to uphold their commitment to purity is strengthened by receiving God’s grace and the encouragement of others.

Exposure To Temptation

Self-gratification typically serves as the relationship’s foundation in a dating setting. The couple frequently seeks their own pleasure rather than focusing on God’s pleasure.

This blind self-centeredness can only result in unhappiness and encourage a lustful attitude (getting what I want) rather than the Scriptural attitude of love (giving to others without expecting anything in return).

Dating thus provides access to a variety of temptations. If defrauding (arousing desires that cannot be righteously satiated) takes place, the couple may foolishly and tragically give away both emotional and physical affections that ought to have been saved for a life partner.

As a result, commitment usually comes after intimacy in a dating relationship.

By choosing to answer to God-given authorities, a courting couple can avoid many temptations. Fraudulent risks can be avoided more successfully, and a genuine, open friendship can be fostered and safeguarded.

Therefore, commitment comes before intimacy during courtship.


In contrast to dating, which generally involves people holding their emotions in check for a variety of reasons, courting fosters a strong sense of emotional intimacy.

It can be challenging to understand what is meant by the term “dating,” which is more of a modern trend that encompasses everything from hooking up to being in a relationship. Some people do not feel anything when dating because it is purely physical.

In actuality, it resembles courtship but lacks the emotional component. Before getting married, a serious relationship is built through courtship.

Physical Intimacy

In today’s dating culture, sexual intimacy is very prevalent. In actuality, most dating partners engage in sexual activity during or right after their first date. Without any conditions, they would choose unconditional sexual intimacy over emotional closeness.

However, a lot of people think that growing intimacy in a relationship must be primarily sexual, primarily emotional, or both. Occasionally, but not always, even men and women only use each other for physical gratification.

Contrarily, courtship strictly adheres to a “no sex” rule prior to marriage; in fact, it saves sexual contact for only marriage.


While courting refers to being romantically involved with someone with the intention of getting married, dating is the casual process of getting to know someone you may one day have a romantic relationship with. Take pleasure in the journey he has set you on and pray for direction for you and your partner at every turn.