Puppy love is a noun used for the kind of romantic feelings that are had by children or adolescents. In this article, we’ll discuss puppy love and genuine love.

While puppy love may sound endearing, complete infatuation is different than being in a stable and mature relationship. A very strong sense of attachment can be seen in puppy love. It typically is more related to what someone feels about the object of their affection, rather than who the person really is.

What is Puppy Love?

Puppy Love is the first phase of a relationship and does not refer to actual puppies but rather to young love. Many people mistakenly think they have found true love because everything is exciting and full of puppy love. People who experience love like puppies may develop a strong attraction to one another that they’ve never experienced before.

We may act like puppies and wear rose-colored glasses when we are in this stage of love, giving unconditional love. Infatuation is frequently high at this stage, and we might lavish a lot of love and romance on our other partner. Due to our attention being drawn to the other person’s positive traits and strengths, we may fail to notice their flaws and imperfections.

You might think that this is the greatest love you have ever experienced during the puppy love stage of a relationship. In the early stages of a relationship, you concentrate on the similarities between people. As you become closer and more familiar with one another, your relationship grows.

In the early stages of a relationship, neurochemicals are released into our brains, causing us to feel good and possibly causing us to ignore compatibility issues.

When people think of love, they frequently picture this stage. The puppy love phase of a relationship cannot, however, last indefinitely.

What Happens After Puppy Love?

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We have the decision to make once the initial stage of our relationship wears off. In order to move past the initial stage of puppy love and be open to establishing a lasting relationship with our companion, we can either end the relationship and look for love elsewhere.

Breaking Up

Depending on your relationship, deciding to end things when puppy love wears off can be either simple or challenging. Due to the possibility that you and the other person have not yet committed to one another, it might be simple. You two may not have faced any significant challenges together and your relationship hasn’t yet withstood the test of time. It is much simpler to separate as a result.

Though it is still challenging because you have shared your life with this person, even for a brief period, and have made wonderful memories with them, it is still difficult. It is much simpler if you have only been dating for two months as opposed to several years.

Additionally, it might be challenging because you might want to end the relationship when the other person isn’t experiencing the same things as you do in the post-puppy love phase. Although they still genuinely love you, you may only see them as a friend at this point.

This is an awkward and challenging conversation to have because, even if you are ready to end the relationship, it’s likely that you are still not in a position where you want to hurt the other person’s feelings because you love them.

What Happens After the Breakup?

Once you break up with that person, you can go back to being single and start looking for love elsewhere. The issue, though, is that the same puppy-love phase will always come back.

Every relationship might go through the same stages, so if you keep ending relationships as soon as they move past the initial stage of puppy love, you might never find a committed partner. Only after you’ve committed to the other person and moved past the stage of puppy love can you experience true love.

This does not imply that if you have moved past the stage of puppy love, you shouldn’t end your relationship. Only move forward with someone you can trust to help you navigate challenging circumstances and who wants to practice healthy communication and boundaries.

what is puppy love

It’s better to end the relationship if you realize after the initial stages of puppy love that your current partner is not that person than to commit to a relationship only to have it fall apart later.

Sticking Together in Love

The hard work starts once you reach the stage where puppy love is no longer present, when you stop acting like puppies, and when you decide to stick with the other person. You need to be realistic about this, but it need not be a bad thing.

You need a new level of dedication and tenacity in your interactions as your relationship moves past the puppy love phase and into the next phase. Even if it’s just that the novelty and attraction of the relationship have worn off, this is the time when it will start to experience problems and obstacles.

But if you’re prepared to work at the relationship, this is when you’ll progress toward a union that can withstand the test of time.

Conclusion: Are You in Puppy Love?

Talk openly with your partner about your needs and feelings if you’re concerned that you might be in puppy love. Even though it may sound cynical, it can be beneficial to consider the traits your partner lacks or the qualities you want to see more of in a partner.

Love will grow as well as your relationship. It’s possible that you’ll decide to start a family together in the future, or that you already have. As your love deepens and you become more receptive to new possibilities, these are crucial questions to talk about with your partner.