You might feel betrayed, perplexed, and unsure of what went wrong if a man is emotionally unavailable. The worst thing you can do is end your relationship with an emotionally distant man. If a guy seems distant and uninterested, you might wonder if he’s not connecting with anyone else but you. However, do emotionally distant men miss you? Continue reading to find out if an emotionally distant man misses you.

Signs An Emotionally Unavailable Man Is Missing You

You Have Met His Friends And/or His Family

You have been welcomed into his social circle by him. They have known him for a significant portion of his life, through both good and bad times. His invitation to you into this group is significant.

It indicates that a man who is emotionally unavailable cares about you and wants to let you into his life in some way if he takes the chance on you getting to know a different side of him than what he’s showing.

He Asks You Questions

Okay, so maybe this wasn’t his usual way to talk to you, but he still did it. He wants to learn more about you when he expresses an interest in who you are, what you value, and how you spend your time.

He can maintain his emotional distance from you while still connecting with you by asking you questions. Questions are almost always a positive indicator.

He Talks About Past Relationships

Men who lack emotional stability may be reluctant to talk about their past relationships’ pain.

Vulnerability and trust are common components of relationships. Your guy probably shut down emotionally the last time that trust was betrayed. However, the mere fact that he is open to talking about it with you suggests that he has faith in you enough to let you into their private affairs.

He Helps You Out With Projects

He shows his care by doing something for you or by making an effort to make your day better.

He asked you if you needed anything while he was at the grocery store, right? Has he given you a kind gesture or assisted you in building a bookshelf?

He is demonstrating his concern for you and that he isn’t only thinking about his own needs if he is willing to help ease your burden.

He Talks About The Future

Does he mention long-term plans that involve you in the future? For an emotionally distant man, accepting you into his life could be as big of a step as proposing marriage is for other men.

If he is able to picture and describe his future with you in it, then it is more than just a passing fancy. He might require a slow pace and patience.

He Plans Date Nights

He wanted to please you if he took the time to plan a memorable experience for the two of you, especially one he believes you’ll enjoy. You can infer from this that he considers you when you’re not there.

If your man occasionally behaved in this manner while you were dating, he is probably still considering you even after the relationship has ended.

He Expresses A Desire To Change

It’s very challenging to be with a man who is emotionally distant. You may have confronted him about something being off or his lack of emotional intimacy.

Consider his then-reaction. Has he demonstrated any desire to alter in order to satisfy your emotional needs in the relationship? If so, it’s possible that he simply lacked the necessary skills.

emotionally unavailable man miss you

He Follows Through On What He Says

He found other ways to support you even though he wasn’t emotionally present in the relationship.

Another indication that he is attending to your needs, as well as his own, is that he is doing this. The development of connection and trust comes from putting aside personal preferences and keeping his word.

He has the freedom to be more emotionally open by gradually building on that.

He Shows Some Emotions Or Talks About Them

Although it might seem obvious, it must be taken into account. Was there ever a time when he mentioned having emotions? Even though he expressed his feelings to you in a flat manner, he was still showing vulnerability by sharing them with you.

Even if he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings, he may still be vulnerable by displaying them.

Should You Give Him Another Chance

Should you give him another chance after reading all the indicators of an emotionally distant man missing you? It all depends, as you can see, on your particular circumstance.

  • Do you believe he has evolved?
  • Was there a happy ending to the relationship, or did he cause you irreparable harm?
  • Does he show you this time that he is committed to you and the relationship?

All of these are significant considerations, but ultimately, you must follow your heart.

Why? Because you’ll be the only thing on a man’s mind once his hero instinct kicks in. You’ll gain access to a part of him that no other woman has ever been able to do. He’ll feel obligated to commit to you and to love you unconditionally in return.

What Happens When You Ignore An Emotionally Unavailable Man

You may have concluded that the best course of action is to ignore him if he reaches out after reading this list. It’s difficult and perplexing to be with a man who is emotionally distant, and you don’t feel prepared to handle this.

What will be his response if he is ignored? Should you disregard a man who is emotionally unavailable? The following is how most emotionally unavailable men react when they are ignored:

  • Continuing to pursue you by calling, texting, or showing up unannounced. For some reason that might be difficult to pinpoint, they are not yet prepared to let go.
  • Making promises to you that he will change but doesn’t take action.
  • Decided to move on to someone else who may not need as much emotional closeness.
  • You offended him emotionally, and he reacted by becoming upset and avoiding you.


The relationship might be different the next time now that you are aware of the indications that an emotionally distant man does care about you, but that doesn’t mean it will be simple.

You must assess your level of commitment to the relationship and his motivation for opening up more. You must choose between remaining with him to support him as he processes his feelings and leaving.