Many people are victims of abuse, and many people can find themselves becoming abusive too. If you are concerned you are an abusive person, admitting this is the first step to changing your behavior. You can solely alternate as soon as you take delivery of that your behavior is abusive and desires to stop.

How To Know If You Are An Abusive Spouse

It’s important to note that it doesn’t boil down to the physical version when it comes to abuse, which numerous people know. Abuse can occur verbally, psychologically, and mentally. Whatever the type of abuse that’s endured in a relationship, it tends to destroy it.

The reason is that abuse reduces trust in a relationship, weakening the being bond and connection between both mates. thus, if you notice effects are no longer the same between you and your mate, it won’t be bad to find out if abuse exists in your relationship.

5 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Man


Still, you might be emotionally abusive, if your mate begins to complain that you’re too involved in their private life. Understandably, mates have the desire to be involved in each other’s affairs.

Still, if you find it satisfying to control every little aspect of your mate’s life without giving them the freedom to make their decisions, they may be emotionally abused.


Mates howl or yell at each other when they have an emotional outburst. still, when disagreements and fallouts generally escalate into howling or yelling at each other, it isn’t healthy, and emotional abuse might be at play.

Still, it would be delicate to make a discussion productive, if you howl at your mate. In addition, a power imbalance is created where the loudest existent is heard. This can make your partner cower in fear and be reticent to speak because they don’t want to offend you.


Still, it’ll be challenging for you to express your feelings appropriately if you feel misprision for your mate. One of the signs of a healthy relationship is when both mates are regardful indeed when they differ with your claims.

Still, if you discover that you always respond to your mate’s requirements with nausea and disrespect, you might be creating an atmosphere of emotional abuse in your relationship.

Always Defensive

Still, “ Am I emotionally abusive to my girlfriend? ”, being defensive is one of the signs to look out for if you have asked yourself. When you always feel the need to defend yourself, it would be delicate to achieve positive communication with your partner.

You and your mate must be suitable to bandy actually and openly when resolving issues without being protective.


One of the reasons why people ask if “ I’m the abuser or the abused? ” is because they don’t know the signs to watch out for. However, there’s a chance you’re emotionally abusive if you constantly find yourself issuing one trouble or another to your mate.

Generally, these threats come in coercive or forceful statements accompanied by blackmail and other trepidatory reflections. The intent is to reign the victim and helps them from delivering themselves.

5 Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Woman

Play The Blame Game

One of the highlights of emotional abuse is making the victims believe that they’re responsible for their faults and unhappiness.

This is why it’s delicate to break the cycle of emotional abuse when it’s in play. However, you may be emotionally abusing your mate, if you put on this behavior at various intervals.


Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that makes the victim doubt their reason and judgment.

Still, you might be gaslighting them, if you frequently make your partner feel that their passions and recollections are crazy and false when they’re not.


Stonewalling happens when you refuse to bandy or communicate with your partner. However, you might be making your mate uncomfortable in the process, if you always need to disrupt uncomfortable exchanges.

This turn-down to always continue conversations might come from a place of lack of concern for your passions.


Emotional abuse can affect all aspects of our lives. It affects our connections with friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and a host of others. generally, abusers find a way to move their mates so that no one is concerned about their welfare.

This notion makes the victims refrain from their friends and loved ones and keep to themselves.

Explosive Attitude

Everyone is bound to experience mood swings, but a relationship can be affected if it experiences this every time. An explosive attitude becomes a problem when your mate takes the fall for your mood swings.

The typical station of explosive individuals is to rain their victimized mate with love and affection after an outburst, and they repeat the cycle.


Still, thoughts or feelings, seek help, if you’re worried about your behaviour.

The first step is admitting to yourself that you have been abusive towards your mate, family, or friends.

Changing your behavior will be a grueling process. Seek help from a counselor to work through your passions and learn how to change your behavior. You can not go through it alone.

Know that it’s no way respectable to be abusive towards another person. You must make the choice to end your behavior.

Remember that no one differently is ever to condemn for your own abusive behavior.

Understand the different types of abuse, similar as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and domestic violence.


Look for an anger operation group and read self-help books along with other treatments you’re entering. This can help you treat your abusive problems.

Still, you must stop or get help to stop, if you abuse or use medicines or alcohol. medicines and alcohol are really making your behavior worse. A 12-step program or similar is a must.