With a list of the twelve funniest Christmas decorations to make you smile and your guests giggle, we’ve got you covered.

Christmas is a holiday that should be celebrated in style. There are many conventional ways to celebrate the festival and adorn your home with customary ornaments and decorations. However, there is no shortage of original ideas for Christmas decorations for those who prefer to think outside the box.

Bring the humor this Christmas with these ornaments that are ready to give and range from silly to downright ridiculous. You may be interested in 15 Inexpensive Bulk Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Beloved.

Funniest Custom Christmas Stocking: Christmas Photo Stocking

Christmas Photo Stocking

Start off by introducing your favorite people in custom-made stockings. To make it feel extra special, take pictures of your friends while they’re putting the finishing touches on the tree or singing along to their favorite carol.

Funniest Wrapping Paper: Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Eco-Friendly Wrapping Paper

Next, a wrapping paper that will make your BFF laugh by bringing back memories of wild Christmas parties in the past.

Homemade Funny Christmas Ornament: Amazon Mini Packages Ornament

Amazon Mini Packages Ornament

Is there a more relatable ornament than one that contains tiny Amazon packages? Most likely not, which explains why this handmade item with a pretty ribbon is a top seller on Etsy.

One five-star reviewer writes: “Wow, this is amazing for Amazon fans and buyers! I adore that it includes every style package as well!! Perfect for someone like me (an Amazon Prime member) or for anyone who is enamored with Amazon.”

Funny Santa Ornament: Santa Gas Ornament

Santa Gas Ornament

Maybe there’s a joke in this for you. Although the causes of the record-high gas prices are sad, this ornament can make fun of the costs you paid at the pump this year.

Funniest Christmas Banner: Merry Christmas Banner

Merry Christmas Banner

Even now, you can probably hear Macaulay Culkin saying this iconic line from Home Alone. Your friends will roar with laughter the moment you hang this banner over your fireplace, and they’ll then beg to see the movie once more.

Funny Pet-Friendly Doormat: Dog With Lights Doormat

Dog With Lights Doormat

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the dog tangles in the holiday lights each year; therefore, why not make fun of it with a doormat?

Funny Personalized Christmas Ornament: Kurt Adler Wine “My Bucket List” Christmas Ornament

Kurt Adler Wine My Bucket List Christmas Ornament

If your bucket list doesn’t include skydiving but instead is more like a literal (wine) bucket, this ornament that honors a love of wine is a surefire hit. In addition, a customizable version is available for only $15.

Funny Ornament For Cabin: Outhouse With Deer Inside Resin Christmas Ornament

Outhouse With Deer Inside Resin Christmas Ornament

Super cute but also strange: a deer using the restroom inside an outhouse. This is the perfect gift for you if you spend Christmas in a cabin or the country. Better still if you don’t, as you most likely don’t have anything similar.

Weird Santa Ornament: Santaur Hand Blown Glass Ornament

Santaur Hand Blown Glass Ornament

The word “Santaur” means “half-Santa, half-horse,” and this ornament is both random and cheerful. There will be laughter, and have you noticed that he’s been exercising?

Funny Cat Christmas Ornament: Hilarious Cat Mugshot

Hilarious Cat Mugshot

Even though it was probably not amusing at the time it occurred that one year, you can laugh about it now. And this ornament depicting a precious kitty taking his mugshot with the words “I knocked down the Xmas tree,” will generate plenty of giggles as you reminisce.

Funniest Christmas Nutcracker: Bob Ross With Palette Nutcracker

Bob Ross With Palette Nutcracker

Bob Ross first taught you “The Joy Painting,” and now he can be a part of your nutcracker-themed Christmas decoration Everyone will laugh at this and then start talking about how to paint cheerful clouds afterward.

Funniest Christmas Lights: Tangled String Lights

Tangled String Lights

Each of us has been there lamenting the tangled lights. By creating the famous tangled string lights from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Pottery Barn has advanced the idea. Why not incorporate it into the plan instead of fighting it, you ask?