You two are dating and having a great time, but your significant other frequently strikes you as being too enigmatic. At one point, as they get closer, they turn their attention to you. The other time, they isolate themselves and avoid making eye contact with you.

However, it’s likely that your partner is avoiding you out of pure love. They do exist, that much is true. It can be difficult to tell sometimes whether they truly care about you or not. You need to be on the lookout for indications that an avoidant loves you.

We’ll look at the telltale signs that an avoidant likes you just the way you are in this article. Please keep reading.

What Is An Avoidant?

You must first comprehend a few aspects of an avoidant before you can determine whether or not they love you.

Let me start by clarifying the distinction between an avoidant personality disorder and an avoidant attachment style. Not everyone with an avoidant attachment style has this personality disorder.

Second of all, an avoidant person is merely someone who finds it difficult to approach others. He or she does not enjoy being emotionally involved and might even prefer to be by themselves, away from other people.

What traits distinguish an avoidant?

An avoidant is someone who:

  • Is uncomfortable with emotional intimacy;
  • Can be pessimistic, shy, and unsure of themselves;
  • despite the fact that they may desire a partner, is very independent.
  • is frightened of intimacy and closeness, as well as of abandonment and rejection.

Avoidants need love and companionship even though they can be quite independent.

How Does An Avoidant Show Emotion?

An avoidant loves for you to comprehend that you can watch out for signs. They’ll demonstrate their love by…

  • Introducing you to their family and friends
  • Getting ready for physical intimacy
  • Show addition and emotional attachment to you
  • Ask you for marriage and plans
  • Using nonverbal Communication in public

An Avoidant Can Fall In Love, But How?

Even though the love-avoidant personality traits are challenging to understand, with a few tweaks, they can develop into stunning partners. These individuals also experience emotions. Consequently, they have the capacity for love.

Love is like a roller coaster ride for these people, especially for men and women. You must realize that they are sensitive beings. So they avoid falling in love as much as possible. However, when they do, they do so violently!

These people evaluate all facets of your personality before falling in love, after all. They’ll give every detail careful consideration. They will determine whether you are willing to commit and whether others can understand you. Additionally, those who engage in avoidant behavior assess all potential risks. In order to prevent you from leaving them, they want to be sure of it.

One of the main avoidant attachment symptoms is a high level of focus. As time goes on, the attention and romance start to make them feel uneasy. For them, the sensation turns embarrassing and confining.

People who avoid love also have a propensity to overthink matters related to relationships. Such people may experience irrational fears while dating. A partner’s anxiety about losing them! They could imagine that their partner will betray them, pass away, or desert them. They do have these thoughts, irrational though they may be.

They consequently choose to distance themselves from their partner. The relationship is frequently harmed by this anxious feeling. Such people frequently avoid social and emotional interaction because of their worst fears, according to research done by the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Newcastle in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

The people who avoid love actually end up getting ready for the worst possible relationships! The result is that they become less present-oriented. On top of that, their unwarranted fear makes them lose emotional attachment to their partner. They basically change completely into new people.

Overall, love avoidants start to grow distant as soon as their relationship progresses. Therefore, to comprehend their feelings and emotional turmoil, you need to be on the lookout for signs that an avoidant loves you.

Signs An Avoidant Loves You

.signs avoidant loves you

They Are Ready To Become Vulnerable

Their aversion to intimacy is the main trait of those who avoid romantic relationships. They think they’ll be hurt if they completely open their world to you. They never fully reveal themselves to you as a result. Consider these indications of avoidant attachment if you feel that your partner behaves incoherently frequently.

People who avoid romantic relationships will typically give you a brief glimpse into their lives. They are unquestionably in love, though, if they open up their entire world to you. Even though your partner may come across as an introvert, trust them if they open up to you about everything.

They Love Your Nonverbal PDAs

According to University of Toronto research, people who avoid love respond favorably to nonverbal cues. If you give them a warm smile, a light touch on their palm, or tender eye contact, they will be touched. Such behavior demonstrates to them your seriousness. Engage in some non-verbal communication if you want to learn how to make an avoidant miss you.

They Display Nonverbal Communication

A reserved lover might try to show their love in a different way. As a result, be aware of their nonverbal cues. If your partner makes romantic gestures like holding hands in public or protecting you from an argument, consider yourself lucky. The best way to win over an avoidant is by reciprocating!

He Wants To Protect You And Help You Out

Love compels a person to always want to safeguard and support their significant other. In fact, they’ll take almost any measure to protect their partner.

Do you avoid this in your life? What I’m describing here is actually described by a psychological term. Only men have what is known as the “hero instinct.”

This idea is currently getting a lot of attention as a way to explain what motivates men—including avoidant men—in relationships. I am aware that everything may seem a little absurd. Women no longer require assistance in this day and age. They don’t require a “hero” to save them.

This, however, misses the point of what the hero instinct is really all about. Men naturally want to be the hero for the women in their lives, and the hero instinct drives them to do so. Male biology plays a significant role in this. A man will become more loving, attentive, and committed to being in a long-term relationship with you if he truly believes that you are his everyday hero.

They Initiate Spending Time With You

Are you interested in learning about another strong indicator that an avoidant loves you? They ask you to spend time with them. You need to be aware of the fact that avoidants enjoy their alone time in order to grasp this point.

They frequently choose to spend their time alone rather than with a romantic partner. Because they don’t want to be judged by you and frequently don’t know who to trust, avoidants do so for this reason.

Therefore, if he or she asks you to do something with them, it might indicate a close relationship. However, don’t anticipate anything noteworthy to occur. An avoidant will probably prefer to spend time with you in serene, calm settings. Or, they might just want to relax for a while by reading a book (something they like doing).

You Don’t Threaten Their Independence

Listen, there is a lot more you need to know about your avoidant partner. For an avoidant, for instance, it’s crucial to feel independent or independent-like. They like to “do their own thing” and want to feel independent in a relationship. If things don’t work out that way, they might start to feel uneasy and start to distance themselves from you.

.signs avoidant loves you

In fact, they worry that if they become overly attached to someone, they will lose their freedom and even their identity. Therefore, it might indicate that you’re the one for them if you’ve managed to respect your avoidant partner’s independence. If so, believe me when I say that they have already noticed.

They Are Not Afraid To Be Physical With You

Even though an avoidant might not feel comfortable with affection, they might still want to be intimate. In fact, an avoidant finds it much easier to approach someone physically when they love them. Therefore, if you have satisfying sexual relations with your avoidant, it may indicate that they are in love with you.

You might not think this is a big deal. Avoidants aren’t the most physically active individuals, though. You should keep in mind that many of them are even too timid to hold hands in public. A passionate, physical relationship is therefore evident that they genuinely care about you.

They Talk About What Bothered Them At Work

Why is this a sign that an avoidant loves you? You might assume that discussing our daily frustrations is something we all do. For the majority of us, yes, but not for an avoidant. How so?

Your avoidant partner also struggles with being sincere about how they truly feel, which is something else you should be aware of. Typically, they appear composed and in control when they are stressed or anxious. Because they don’t want others to perceive them as weak or see any signs of weakness in them, they behave in this way.

However, if they do confide in you about what annoys them, it may be a sign that they love you. It may be difficult to accept this. Your avoidant will open up to you much more frequently than usual, so trust me when I say you’ll know. You’ll be able to tell the difference.

They Become More And More Emotionally Available

What does being emotionally available actually entail? Simply put, it means being able to be close to people without being concerned about what they might think of you or that they might hurt you. What behaviors indicate an avoidant is emotionally available?

  • They’re not afraid to show their emotions;
  • They’re not afraid to be vulnerable;
  • They’re not afraid to ask for help or support;

Therefore, it’s a clear sign that your avoidant partner loves you if you notice that they are starting to become more emotionally available.

They Listen To You

When serious in a relationship, love-avoidant people try to improve their listening skills. Your partner may pay close attention as they listen to your needs and wishes. They will undoubtedly try their best to grant these requests as well!

They Make The First Move In A Relationship

Making the first move is one of the key indicators that an avoidant loves you. If they aren’t madly in love with you, it would be strange for them to make a move on you! Therefore, if they reach out to you, try to act evasive and give them the benefit of the doubt.

They Want To Get Intimate

.signs avoidant loves you

Intimacy is what avoidants fear most. Consider it one of the clear signs that an avoidant loves you if they are willing to engage in sexual activity with you. Such people value intimacy greatly, and they are giving it their all for you.

They Are Addicted To You

A person who avoids love will be attracted to everyone but you. It’s a good sign if your partner expresses strong emotion after spending time with you two. Count it if they are pursuing you like a lost puppy. This is one of the telltale signs that an avoidant is in love with you. After all, you have grown to be their safe place!

They Have Introduced You To Their Friends Or Family Members

Do you love a quiet person? If your partner has introduced you to their family or close friends, that is a lucky break for you. They won’t accept you into their exclusive group unless they are certain of you. This action shows that they have made the decision to start a family with you.

They Say “Yes” To Marriage

What is the best indication that an avoidant loves you? They say “Yes” to the marriage question. Even the big question may be asked by your partner!

How Do You Make An Avoidant Miss You?

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal:

Give Them Space

Avoidants need room, as you are already aware. So give it to them by letting go and allowing them the time they need without pressuring them to do anything against their will.

Don’t Push Them

If you push them too hard, they will only push you away. In order to open up to you, an avoidant needs time. Therefore, be kind to them and give them the space they require without interfering.

Don’t Nag At Them

Nagging is unpleasant to avoidants because it strains their brains. Your partner will no longer be able to think clearly if you nag at them.

However, if you don’t, they’ll probably forget you were there.

Pull Away From Them

They will experience insecurity and desperation as a result of what you do. Therefore, pull away from him or her for a few days if you want to make an avoidant miss and have them chase you.

Show That You Can Be Independent

They’ll want to spend more time with you and maintain a healthy relationship the more independent you are.

Therefore, demonstrate to your avoidant partner that you are self-sufficient and independent.


A person who avoids intimacy out of anxiety about personal unworthiness or rejection is said to be a love-avoidant. An avoidant may exhibit mild, unimpressive, and on the dull side of passionate love signs. They are the antithesis of the Hollywood-hyped fireworks and overdone romance.