Ride or die,” is a phrase that, in today’s culture, has become one way of identifying the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s been used in songs like, “Born to Die” . In films like Fast and the Furious, Lana Del Rey uses the term “or” to refer to someone who always has your back. The fact that life frequently throws us curveballs makes partners in the ride-or-die mode essential. We are not always able to be the ideal partners we would like to be. It’s crucial to find a partner who accepts us as we are, flaws and all so that we can grow together. For more information, please continue reading.

The Characteristics Of A Ride-or-die Relationship?

Unwavering love, loyalty, and commitment between partners are referred to as “ride-or-die” relationships. The ideal ride-or-die partner is one who is aware of your worst traits and still cares about you. They are there for the good, the bad, and the unspeakable.

If you ask people what it means to be a ride-or-die partner you’ll hear them out attributes like:

  • “They’re the person you turn to when life is out of control and you’re feeling at the end of your rope.”
  • “A ride-or-die partner will always make sure you know you’re unique, celebrate every occasion with you, and adore you for who you are.”
  • “They understand what unconditional love really means.”
  • “They serve as your one-mind, two-body partner.”
  • “If they can’t pull you off the cliff they’ll jump with you.”

The kind of relationship that inspires songwriting, in my opinion. Who wouldn’t want that?

However, these relationships aren’t always as great as they seem to be and have a dark side.

The Dangers Of Ride-or-die Relationships

Although ride-or-die loyalty may seem idealistic, the reality is that there are frequently more things wrong with this ideal than there are things right.

Consider the following before start looking for your perfect ride-or-die partner:

what does ride or die mean in a relationship
  • In a ride-or-die union, it is uncommon for both partners to give their all. These relationships are frequently unbalanced, with one partner being overly loyal and doing the dying while the other takes advantage and does the riding.
  • In the name of love, this can take the form of emotional abuse where one partner coerces the other into doing things they might not otherwise.
  • Ride-or-die relationships frequently involve codependence in ways that support or rationalize unhealthy behavior. A ride-or-die partner will watch, participate in, or appease a partner who is acting dangerously rather than ever applying tough love or being willing to leave.
  • Partners in a ride-or-die situation frequently rely on one another for a sense of identity. They might not have the self-assurance they need to act independently and independently.
  • People who believe they are in ride-or-die relationships frequently alienate their family and friends. When it’s “you and me against the world” there’s not much room for anyone else. This can become isolating and result in an inability to relate to others or even comprehend what a healthy relationship looks like.
  • It’s not just a trying, emotionally taxing time in a person’s life when a ride-or-die relationship ends; it can completely destroy them and their ability to function. Breakups are understandably difficult and can be felt differently by each person, but it’s not healthy to feel as though everything has ended.

Signs You’ve Found Your Ride-or-die Friends

They Accept You For Who You Are And Encourage You To Do The Same

We’re all guilty of feeling inferior after comparing ourselves to others on social media. A true friend, however, won’t allow you to wallow in that unkindness. When self-doubt begins to creep in, they’ll want to boost your confidence and refocus your thoughts.

They Pay Attention

When you’re hanging out, your BFFs show up and remain present. That might entail supporting you during a basketball game, assisting you in selecting the ideal attire for a first date, or simply putting your phone away in their bag while you two are speaking.

They Make Your Friendship A Priority

Everyone has a busy life, but a true friend won’t let that interfere with your friendship. Genuine friends make time for one another, whether it’s for a day at the beach, a crafting session, or just a quick hang in between classes. And keep in mind that you can always catch up via texts or video chats even if you are unable to see each other in person.

They Keep You In Check

They were there before you became famous, were accepted into that exclusive university, or were hired for that glitzy city job. Yup, they know the real version of you. Best friends will be proud of your accomplishments but won’t be afraid to keep you on track if you veer off course by serving as a constant reminder of your origins.

They Really Listen

You probably know people who are always talking about themselves, but a true friend will never abandon you to handle your problems on your own. And when you’re going through a difficult time, it makes a big difference to be able to openly discuss your worries and problems with someone who can provide a fair assessment of your circumstances.

They Respect Your Perspective

We all have our own perspectives on life, but a true friend will value your viewpoints, honor your civic-mindedness, and respect your beliefs. Differences are not barriers in relationships for ride-or-die friends. Instead, they stand by you and your choices, even when they might have a different perspective.

They Always Tell You The Truth

One of the most crucial cornerstones of a healthy relationship is trust, and a friend who you can’t rely on to always tell you the truth—no matter what—isn’t really a friend at all.

They Support You Through Good Times And Bad

True BFFs are there for their friends when things don’t go according to plan as well as celebrate when their friends succeed. As close to family as you can get are the ride-or-dies who stick by you no matter what.