What are the telltale signs that someone is considering you? Is there a surefire way to tell if someone likes you? Of course, there is. When someone is thinking of us, the universe has a special way of letting us know. This method is frequently amusing. A sudden change in your mood, sporadic hiccups, persistent sneezing, or something similar is all valid indications that someone is thinking about you.

Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

Subconscious Smile

Many of us aren’t even aware that our bodies respond in the way that our minds instruct them to. You have almost certainly experienced situations where you were thanked for something you did and were ecstatic at the time.

It is a tangible representation of the signals your brain is receiving. It’s the same with someone who likes you and is constantly thinking about you.

That person has a smile that speaks a thousand words when you see them. Although he only met you yesterday, he will smile at you as if you have known each other forever. You will be his greatest success and the cause of his happiness or blushing.

There is something more going on when you look at him than just being nice and polite. Your subconscious is telling you he’s thinking of you when you get the sense that there’s so much more going on than what first meets the eye.

Tingling Sensation In The Face Area

You have the impression of having received numerous face slaps. That awkward and slightly uneasy feeling persists despite your best efforts to make it go away, and you are unable to determine what is causing it.

From a medical point of view, the burning sensation and flushed skin may be an emotional response to some strong emotional experiences.

Sudden Emotional Changes

You only wanted to withdraw, shut down, and experience negative, gloomy, or depressive feelings. Someone was probably thinking of you right then. This is also one of the Law of Attraction signs someone is thinking about you. They are manifesting you using the Law of Attraction.

As you can see, our unconscious is attempting to communicate with us in a manner that is unique to it.

Your Subconscious Brings You Close Together

This has to do with your subconscious and the energies that are all around you and are so palpable it feels as though they are touching you. Sadly, despite being in the face of happiness, people frequently fail to recognize it.

People unconsciously search for people who can fulfill their needs—someone who can complete them and do everything they can’t—when they want to fall in love. Your unconscious mind is trying to figure out a way to get you to meet that person.


Strange Eye Movements

Your eye suddenly itching or twitching could be a verifiable indication that someone is thinking about you. There is a catch, though.

Just because you’re on someone’s mind, this doesn’t have to mean they like you. That does not necessarily imply that they have favorable thoughts of you. On the other hand, it is possible. They might be disparaging you or mentioning you in any other unfavorable way.

And believe it or not, there’s a way to tell if someone has negative or positive thoughts toward you.

Tense Mind

Consider how many concepts you can generate and how many solutions you can locate for just about anything. To fully utilize your mind, or at least to attempt to do so, you simply need to figure out the code.

Have you ever started choking on something you were eating? Or perhaps you drank water that accidentally went down the wrong pipe, leaving you inconsolable and gasping for air?

That is due to the tension your mind is producing. Your name appears in someone else’s speech, in your mind. Your brain is signaling for you to look up and take a look around.

Hiccups usually mean that someone is complaining about you. which essentially means conflict. You eventually sense negative energy as a result of the unnecessary drama you’ve been involved in.

Positive Energy

Physical cues that couples experience can let them know their partner is thinking about them.

They appear as a brief touch on the cheek or a feeling of a rub on the back or arm; even though they are apart at the time, they can actually feel their partner touching them.

Another way couples can feel their connection is when they feel an uplifting of energy or overall feeling. It happens when a person is feeling broken, down or depressed and they can literally sense a switch of their energy, just because their partner is thinking about making them feel better.

Another sign someone is thinking about you in a positive, or to be more precise, loving way, is your ears burning.

Your Cheeks Are Burning

When you’re upset, embarrassed, or if it’s too hot, you blush or your cheeks burn. If you experience this without any of these explanations, it is obvious that someone is thinking about you. 

When this person is thinking romantic thoughts about you, they transmit those thoughts as energy vibrations. These vibrations will reach your subconscious mind, which will then take them in and process them.

You are unaware of what is happening to you, though, because there is no communication between your own subconscious and conscious minds. In spite of this, you will manifest physical symptoms, such as burning cheeks.


You should be aware that all the aforementioned indications are likely to be side effects of someone thinking about you. This is not a given and there is no guarantee. Just muster up the courage to ask them directly if you want to be sure. They would be waiting for this opportunity if they are actually interested in you.

If you decide against taking a direct approach, you can always use these signs as clues and make your own judgment. You also have the option of seeking out a psychic’s assistance.