Your boyfriend may have been the best boyfriend in the entire world when you first fell in love with him. But something started to change as the days turned into months. He appeared to be getting further away from you, or worse, he no longer had time for you. If you’ve reached this point in the relationship, it might be time to determine if he exhibits any of these warning signs of a bad boyfriend.

Signs Of A Bad Boyfriend

He Is More Selfish Than Considerate

One of the most common traits of a bad boyfriend is selfishness which he wears like a badge of honor. He disregards other people’s feelings and prioritizes his own interests over those of others.

In reality, he is just a selfish jerk who crushes other people’s dreams while believing that he is courageous enough to handle life in his own way.

Therefore, you have a bad boyfriend situation on your hands if your boyfriend constantly fights for his needs alone and acts as though he doesn’t care if your needs are met as well. 

He Gives Excuses For Being Absent Most Of The Time

The boyfriend must be equally as accessible as the girlfriend for a relationship to work. That won’t be possible, though, if your boyfriend is constantly absent for one reason or another.

As an illustration, a bad boyfriend would be someone who consistently fails to show up for dates that he had committed to and never provides a valid excuse. 

A sign that you don’t matter to him is if he then chooses to bribe you with gifts and flowers rather than providing a plausible explanation.

He Doesn’t Return Your Calls Or Texts On Time

While it is true that boyfriends lead separate lives from their relationships, this does not excuse them from giving their women quality time despite their other commitments. In spite of his busy schedule, a man will make time for the girl he loves. 


He’s Controlling And Manipulative

He doesn’t want to see you with other guys, but he isn’t committed to the relationship either. When you laugh and talk to men in general, whether they are your family, friends, or coworkers, he becomes extremely envious.

He constantly makes an effort to give you life advice. Furthermore, despite how helpful he seems, you somehow feel very confined and suffocated in the relationship.

He’s In Touch With His Ex

He constantly makes comparisons between the two of you and asks her advice on issues pertaining to your relationship or his personal life. Every time he sees his ex, it surprises me to see that he isn’t particularly excited to have you join them. 

He Has Lots Of Secrets

And the names of different girls appear in the majority of these secrets. He might occasionally be chatting, DMing, or commenting on their social media posts, as well as occasionally calling them.

Even if you ask him about these girls and how he knows them, he just shrugs it off or avoids the topic.

He Is Too Particular About His Physical Appearance

It is perfectly acceptable for a man to care about his appearance, his clothing choices, and his personal hygiene. When a man looks dapper, women adore him. The issue arises when he puts more emphasis on how he appears than on how he behaves around you and other people. 

One of the warning signs that it’s time to move on is if he exhibits bad traits and despite your repeated efforts to bring them to his attention, he continues to act in that way.

He Hardly Shares In Your Joy

If your boyfriend is always eager to get into a fight with you more than he is willing to celebrate your wins, you are in a toxic relationship. No matter how much you pretend that his love is sufficient, nothing will improve.

Within a short period of time, you’ll stop putting forth the effort to be happy in the relationship and begin to feel resentment instead of love.

As a result, you should think about letting go of the man himself before you fully let go of the concepts you have established to make yourself happy. 

He Is Mostly Indifferent To Your Plans

Girls in love are always eager to share their plans and goals with their men but if the boyfriends appear unenthusiastic about what she shares, her ego deflates.

Leave your bad boyfriend behind with his indifferent attitude rather than continuing to date men who will undermine your self-worth and cause you to lose faith in your life’s ambitions. 

You will regret tolerating his terrible attitude to the point of destroying your goals if you ignore the indications that he will hinder your progress.

He Is Always Needing a ‘Timeout’ From The Relationship

Relationships are not like TV shows, where there are frequently commercial breaks or technical difficulties. Couples should work things out without putting too much distance between them, even when they disagree in a relationship.  

A hint of what a long-term relationship with your boyfriend will be like is if he constantly requests a timeout or breaks at the first sign of a minor issue.

He Hit You Once Before

Abuse is one of the most obvious characteristics of a bad boyfriend. Does he assault you or call you names? Has he admitted to hitting you only once and made a promise not to do so again? He will likely hit you repeatedly, of that you can be certain. 

When a girl falls for an abusive partner’s lies, she has to deal with feelings of guilt and resentment toward herself for not getting out of the crazy relationship sooner. Don’t turn into one of those girls. As soon as you can, get assistance and find a way to escape his punches.

He Is An Unrepentant Alcoholic

It is not necessarily bad to be in a relationship with a man who is battling an addiction to alcohol or drugs. The bad thing is continuing to be a man’s girlfriend who won’t leave his addictions. 

You are expected to put up with and tolerate him as his girlfriend, even when he is having a bad day.

However, if he isn’t willing to navigate the difficult terrain necessary to overcome his addictions, there isn’t much you as his girl can do. Despite the fact that it may not have been his fault, he is still a bad boyfriend.