The saying “If you love someone, let them go” can sound counterintuitive at first. Additionally, understanding it can be extremely difficult. Even though it may seem impossible or incomprehensible to let go of a love, doing so is preferable to losing it entirely. A sign that something was meant to be is when it returns.

But what does “if you love someone, let them go” mean actually? You might learn more about this sentence after reading this article.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Phrase “If You Love Someone, Let Them Go”?

A quote about freeing someone or something usually has a very personal meaning for the people in the relationship when it is being applied to relationships. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all explanation for this quote, just like there isn’t one for love or relationships. However, there are a few different ways that the phrase could be understood.

If it’s in the best interests of one or both partners, it could mean telling a partner that they are free to end the relationship. It could be that one partner decides to break up so that the other person (or both partners) will be “free” of the relationship.

Perhaps a partner senses that their significant other needs or wants to be free of a commitment. For example, someone may not be their best self in a relationship or may not bring out the best in their partner.

One partner may feel that leaving the relationship is the best course of action in some situations because they don’t feel they are meeting the other’s needs or that their own needs are being met.

Or perhaps having different ideas about commitment or readiness leads to the decision to end the relationship. The couple may have dissimilar objectives or even dissimilar logistical circumstances, such as living or working in different geographical areas.

A partner might decide that ending the relationship is a healthy course of action if a loved one exhibits unhealthy behaviors, such as substance abuse. It’s probably safe to say that the quote refers to being at a crossroads in a relationship, a time when a partner feels the need to decide that “freeing” their partner is the right thing to do, even if love is still present.

Considering the idea of “setting someone free” can be an important topic. Partners in a healthy relationship are still free to be who they are without exerting control over one another.

Even though they may concur on certain aspects of the relationship, such as dating only occasionally or remaining faithful, at its core, a respectful relationship allows each partner to retain their individuality while still being a part of the couple.

However, a controlling relationship might be based on a power disparity, where one partner dominates the other and the other doesn’t feel free. This may constitute relationship abuse.

Love Is Not A Test

Perhaps people had more time in the past to put their lives on hold, write poems about their misery and broken hearts, binge drink, and wait for their loved ones to come home. But in today’s world, how long can you really wait for an ex to change their mind? Love is not a test, after all. When it’s over, it’s over.

There are many distractions available all the time now. Even the most devoted among us occasionally find others attractive, whether in person or on social media. When everyone is so thirsty, how difficult is it to sneak into someone’s DMs these days? However, a happy and committed couple can always get through these annoyances without having an affair or arguing.

No One Wanders Off To Try Something New For A While!

In actuality, if your partner suddenly decides to break up with you, it’s not because they feel the need to look into other potential mates. It’s because one or both of you haven’t really tried to mend your perfect relationship’s cracks that they have begun to appear. Or perhaps your partner just thinks you’re bad and that they can find someone better.

if you love someone let them go

Therefore, even if your partner does decide to get back together with you after dating someone else, it isn’t because you’re the best. It’s because they weren’t able to find a better hookup! You could take it as a compliment. Or you could realize just how bad your partner is at getting hooked up with someone worthy.

You Can’t Force Someone To Love You Or Stay With You

You refuse to part ways with your lover. Your partner is leaving. You can only try to persuade them of your love; you have no other power. And if you’re fortunate a second chance. Many factors that were disregarded in the relationship are to blame if a relationship fails.

When your lover breaks up with you, it’s because they believe you are too good for them. Or perhaps you’re just a lousy lover yourself. Read and learn How To Stop Liking Someone.

Is It Proper To Let Someone Leave Without A Fight?

Don’t let someone go without a fight if you truly love them. Leave it behind if you’re no longer in love. However, if you still have feelings for your partner, let them know how you feel about the upcoming split.

You’ll always feel like you could have done more to keep the relationship going if you stand by and let your partner leave.

You’ll be wondering whether there was a chance for your relationship to succeed all the time. And when you leave a relationship with unfinished sentences, it’ll always bother you and you’ll spend days fantasizing about situations where you can tell your lover exactly how you feel about them.

Advice For Coping With A Breakup

Acknowledge The Reality Of The Relationship

Sometimes love may not be enough for a healthy or sustainable relationship. While the breakup is difficult, it might be for the best if you accept the truth of what didn’t work in the relationship.

Give Yourself Credit For Your Strengths

Breaking up with someone is almost always an emotional decision, but doing so with someone you care about could result in even greater heartbreak. It can be a sign of courage and self-awareness to know you had the strength to stop what wasn’t working.

Practice Acceptance And Gratitude

Your partner and your love for them may have been very meaningful to you. Accepting what love meant to you might be a better option than attempting to suppress those emotions or dwelling on the negative. You could try deliberately and consciously accepting both the positive and negative aspects of the relationship. Gratitude for the relationship’s benefits and your personal development as a result of it is something else you might try.

Consider What You Learned From The Relationship

For instance, you may have learned more about yourself and your needs, wants, and expectations from a relationship—as well as those of a partner. You may have learned about communication styles, which can be important in any relationship. This self-awareness might aid in your development and advancement.

Prioritize Other Relationships

You can speed up your recovery from a breakup by spending time with people with whom you connect positively. Your friends or family’s encouraging emotional support can help you get through the difficult post-breakup period. You might find talking to them about how you’re feeling helpful.

As an alternative, if you discover that you are dwelling on the split, try simply spending time with those you like while giving yourself a break from discussing or thinking about the union. Fun and laughter have healing powers.

Spend Time On Yourself

You might think your identity as one half of a couple is lost after ending a relationship. You might advance if you look after yourself and concentrate on your interests or objectives.

Understand That It May Take Time To Heal

An intense feeling is a love. Though feelings of heartbreak rarely go away quickly, they can sometimes get better with time. Accepting the hurt or sadness, exercising patience, and reminding yourself that you won’t feel this way forever can all help you get through this process.

Be kind to yourself, if possible. Love can’t be flipped off with a switch, but with acceptance and time, heartbreak may mend.