Perhaps you’ve already given it a few tries with them and are aware that it is a complete failure. Even though they are the partner of your dreams, you feel like there is no chance of ever getting together with them. It’s not necessary to completely let go of someone once you realize you should stop liking them.

You can take a few steps to help you move on with your life and get over that person. To learn how to do that, keep reading!

Ask Yourself If You Actually Love Them

Let’s be honest, do you really think you love them, or is this just a passing fad? It’s possible that you don’t know them well enough to have empathy for them. Always be aware that there may be aspects of them that you find toxic.

You only know that you are drawn to them and how they present themselves. You don’t need to give them much thought if it’s not love.

Keep Your Distance

The first thing to do would be to keep a safe distance from him. Avoid calling, texting, or even viewing his Instagram stories. Make sure to avoid getting into personal topics with him if you must speak with him for any reason.

For instance, if he is a colleague and you need to discuss a pressing assignment at work, try to keep the conversation focused on that one issue.

Spend Time Apart

You might have made an effort to maintain a professional or friendly relationship with your crush, but you still find it infuriating that you can’t be together. They’re constantly on your mind, and when they’re around, it’s hard to maintain your composure. It might be best to keep your distance for a while or to cut off all contact.

Of course, in a professional setting, that isn’t always feasible, but it can be beneficial to find a way to keep your distance until your emotions pass.

Set Boundaries

The most important thing is to establish limits. Maybe you’re falling for a close friend who wants you around all the time but is unaware of your feelings for them. Setting boundaries in this kind of circumstance may be beneficial.

how to stop liking someone

Despite wanting this person in your life, you find it difficult to express your feelings to them. You can limit the amount of time you spend together.

Even if they don’t share your sentiments, there’s a chance that you can still be friends if you can express your feelings to them. You should all agree to refrain from flirting or saying anything that might give the wrong impression in this situation.

Cut Off Physical Contact

It can be beneficial to try to avoid running into each other for a brief period of time unless you have to work together or are close friends. You can begin the healing process necessary if you decide to later invite him back by maintaining your personal space.

You can make a mental list of the places you frequently visit and assess the likelihood that you’ll run into him there.

Unfollow On Social Media

It’s simple to fall victim to cyberstalking someone you care about deeply, but for your own sanity, think about blocking or unfollowing them on social media. You might find it helps you for a long time, or it might only be a temporary fix.

Removing your ability to participate in their activities will give you the time and space you need to move on while preventing you from becoming consumed by their activities.

Discard Any Reminders

You will find yourself trapped in the unavoidable cycle of emotions you are attempting to escape when you are surrounded by objects or things that constantly bring to mind someone you are trying to forget.

Before a major presentation, did you two ever customarily split a bar of chocolate? Did they give you the earrings you adored wearing with every outfit? So it’s best to keep them at a distance now.

Pour Your Heart Out Into Writing

It is beneficial to gather all of your ideas and express them in writing when you are unable to discuss something. By keeping a journal, you can better identify your emotions and organize your thoughts.

Being honest with yourself and discovering what initially drew you to them is a great strategy. This will also help you determine the qualities you want in potential partners.

Talk To Someone About Your Feelings

You can stop obsessing and start feeling more normal by talking to someone about how you are feeling. Be careful not to engage in gossip or conversation with people who know the person you like! Talk to someone outside of that group or someone you trust so that you don’t start any rumors or create any drama.

Be Realistic

You don’t need to be saved, and this person is not a prince or princess in disguise. People who struggle to let go of a loved one may fantasizing and remember the relationship in their heads.

Fantasy makes it difficult to back away or let go, as it’s addictive and causes a “rush.” The process is driven by your refusal to accept that you are enmeshed in a fantasy.

To begin with, let go of any fantasies you may have about being with the person. Until you are actually with someone, you really have no idea what it’s like. It might turn out to be entirely different from what you anticipated—and not in a good way.

Focus On Yourself

Focusing on oneself is frequently necessary to move on. Putting your attention on yourself doesn’t have to entail moping around by yourself. You might try going somewhere fun by yourself or with a close friend.

You can try something you’ve been wanting to do, like getting a facial, trying a new hairstyle, enrolling in a new fitness class, or going to a museum.

Meet New People

Go out and socialize with new people without any plans for a romantic relationship. Your horizons can be expanded just by making the effort to step outside of your comfort zone and engage in new conversations. You might sense more energy and less loneliness.

Be Kind To Yourself

It’s critical to acknowledge your emotions, but you shouldn’t punish yourself for them. If your healing process is taking longer than you would like, don’t be hard on yourself. Such strong emotions can be challenging to overcome and take some time. Give yourself some grace and kindness.