Meeting people seems to be getting more and more difficult these days. Even the most self-assured women find it challenging to approach a stranger and strike up a conversation out of the blue because everyone’s eyes are glued to their iPhones when they’re out in public and it’s becoming fashionable to avoid all eye contact in general. What if you could start a conversation with a guy with such ease and confidence that he wants to know more? You can with these easy suggestions.

Ask For A Recommendation

Asking a guy for a recommendation is a good way to start a conversation that can easily develop into something more, whether it’s for a new album to listen to or which bar has the best happy hour deal in town. Find some common ground and then add your own suggestions for the subject at hand.

Talk About The Environment You’re In

You immediately share something in the environment you’re in when you’re speaking. To start a conversation, say something like, “Wow, that place is beautiful, or wow, that place is packed.” From there, you can continue. Suggest moving to the edges of the crowd if you’re in a busy area and you feel comfortable doing so so you can actually talk.

Open With An Inside Joke

You’re already hinting at something private and intimate to the two of you because an inside joke is something that only two people or a small group share.

Two examples of lighthearted teasing are when people make fun of each other’s celebrity crushes or embarrassing moments. This is a fantastic conversation starter because few (if any) other people (as long as it’s all in good fun and no feelings are hurt) can discuss the same topic.

Follow Up On Something You Spoke About Earlier

Picking up where you left off is a great way to start a conversation with someone! Of course, we don’t mean bringing up some long-forgotten conversation or subject. But you can make a lot of progress if you start your conversation with something like “Oh, I forgot to mention that you had that new company interview today. Best wishes! I’m confident you’ll do well” or “The band you recently mentioned caught my attention, and I thought they were pretty good.”. This will guarantee continuity and show that you have good listening and memory skills.

Talk About A Shared Interest

Because the conversation turns from you to the subject at hand, talking about a shared interest has many benefits. This can be advantageous because it relaxes the atmosphere of the conversation and lessens your own sense of pressure.

Talk about a show or sport that you both like to watch. Texts like “Have you seen the XYZ game from last night? It was so close!” or “What about the ABC show from yesterday? Was it any good? No spoilers!” will set the mood for a great conversation.

Pay Him A Compliment

start a conversation with a guy

It’s not necessary to gush about the guy, but if you do mention something you find appealing or intriguing about him, you’re almost certain to get a smile in return. No one wouldn’t appreciate a compliment, even if it was just about his beard or a nice pair of shoes.

Bring Up The Book He’s Reading

This one obviously only works if he’s reading a book, but it’s especially easy if you’re both in a library or bookstore at the time of your meeting. Mention your favorite if you are familiar with the genre. No idea what the book is about? Ask if it is worthwhile for you to pick it up.

Ask A Small Favor

One of the simplest tasks for someone who is typically shy is to simply ask someone for time or directions. It is such a casual way to start a conversation. Once you’ve inquired, you can introduce yourself and, if appropriate, state your destination.

Comment On His Shirt

Use the guy you’re eyeing’s shirt as a way in if it contains any information about his interests, such as a college hoodie or an old band t-shirt. The conversation will probably take off if you inquire about his favorite band or his college. After all, he could have bought the shirt at the band’s concert or he could have simply taken his brother’s favorite hoodie.

Ask For Help With Something

Men have a “hero complex” or a “savior complex,” making them help women instinctively. It can be quickly triggered and has a strong biological foundation. Asking him to fix a device, figure out a computer feature, or do anything else he might be skilled at doesn’t have to be a life or death matter.

Along with being a wonderful, innocent beginning to a conversation, it will also make him feel needed and helpful, which will set the tone for the exchange.

Sprinkle In Pop Culture References

Maybe the same TV show, director, or both of you are ardent comic book fans. In any case, talking about pop culture is a great way to connect with others because it takes the pressure off of having to talk about yourself.

So go ahead and strike up a conversation with a line from a song or a line from a movie that you both know and love. If you don’t go overboard with it or make it the only point of discussion, it can be a great opening statement.

Ask Them For Advice On Specifics

This approach is effective with both men and women. People are inherently social beings who value sharing and picking up knowledge from one another’s experiences. So it’s perfectly normal to approach a guy and seek his advice on a subject that he may be more knowledgeable about than you.

You could always say something like, “You visited last summer, right? I’ve never been to France. Where should I go that I must see?”. This demonstrates to them that you are a good conversationalist in addition to showing them that you value their opinion.

Invite Opinions Instead Of Making Statements

When you make a statement like “I’m going on a diet,” it limits the scope for further conversation. Instead, make an effort to elicit their opinions and have a meaningful conversation.

Phrase it more like “What do you think I should do to reduce my intake of junk food?” making them feel like they’re involved in the decision-making instead of just being informed of something you’ve decided to do.

Offer To Get His Coffee

Why not propose to a guy you like at work when you’re on your way to Starbucks by offering to pick up coffee? By doing this, he’ll probably reciprocate (one would hope!) and a new mini-habit might be formed. After a few weeks, when it’s his turn, offer to go with him. Presto, a date.

Give Them An Update On A Mutual Friend

When two people have friends in common, they frequently talk about them. So it’s unusual to bring up a friend they both know or a significant event in their lives, like getting engaged, moving, or changing jobs.

Talking about these things isn’t even considered gossip because they are important life milestones that they would anticipate others to discuss, particularly engagements.

Go For The Puppy

The easiest topic to bring up in conversation is dogs. If you see a guy in the park one day who you just have to talk to, approach him and start probing about the dog’s breed and how long he’s had it. Everyone enjoys talking about their pets, so there is no risk involved.