Nowadays, texting is among the most widely used methods of communication. When you meet someone new and decide to date them, this is also the method of communication you’ll use the most. They’ll decide whether they like you or not after reading your frequent texts and exchanges. You’ll need to learn how to avoid sending dull, lifeless texts as a result.

Make sure you are not a dry texter before moving forward. Read this article on how to avoid texting dryly if you’re unsure how to go about it.

What Is Dry Texting?

You are a boring texter if you are a dry texter, which is what it means.

The last thing you would want to do is initiate dull text conversations with your crush when you are trying to make an impression. If they suddenly stop responding altogether, don’t be surprised.

Even if your crush feels the same way about you, it’s a big turn-off if they learn that you are a dry texter.

What Makes You A Dry Texter?

Texting has its own set of conventions and etiquette, just like any other form of communication. You don’t automatically get to be a dry texter just because you prefer face-to-face communication. So what characteristics distinguish a dry texter?

You’re a dry texter if you only ever respond with one word, never ask questions in return, and ignore all the adorable pictures and memes that people send you. Inability to text someone first or (the unthinkable!) leaving someone on ‘read’ for days at a time, you, my friend, need a lesson in text-iquette!

You don’t need communication issues caused by poor texting. You may be wondering how to stop being a dry texter if you believe this to be a long-term issue for you. Class is now in session; please pull up a chair. It’s time to learn how to avoid sounding dry on the phone.

Make the person on the other end feel like you’re invested in the conversation and, consequently, in them if you want to stop texting in a detached manner. That entails making the effort to get in touch, asking thought-provoking questions, and looking up amusing memes or GIFs to resurrect a conversation that is about to end.

After going over the fundamentals of how to avoid being dry when texting, let’s dig a little deeper to provide you with some practical advice that will help you overcome your texting inertia.

Tips On How To Not Be A Dry Texter

Don’t Take Too Long To Reply

Don’t assume people don’t know they’ve been left on “read” just because you can turn off WhatsApp’s “last seen” feature.’ If you haven’t replied to a message in two days or longer, you better have broken all your fingers or be stranded on a deserted island with no network at all. We might be able to live with those two explanations, but we’re still not promising anything.

One of our tips on how to not be a dry texter is to respond, even if it’s just, “Sorry, I have to work right now. We can talk later.” If you’re unavoidably delayed for a few hours, do respond by saying, “Sorry, was held up” etc. Why should texting be any different from actually meeting someone? You would do it if you were running late.

Despite not being a Shakespearean sonnet, it is still preferable to nothing. Even though it might not instantly improve your texting abilities, it’s at least a starting point for learning how to stop sending boring texts.

Avoid One-word Responses

Yes, we are aware that there will be times when you are too busy to type anything more than a hasty “ok cool.” However, because it is so incredibly impolite and abrupt, it cannot be the norm. Things like “ok,” “yeah,” and the absolutely horrible “k,” followed by silence, are essentially a way of telling someone they are not important and that you have no time for their open text confessions.

Unfortunately, you have to put in the effort if you want to avoid being a dry texter with your crush or just a dry caller in general. Maybe just choose your circumstance. Okay, might be appropriate if the other person informed you in advance that they would be 15 minutes late for a meeting.

Please refrain from saying “k” if someone just announced their engagement or gave you information about the upcoming Marvel show. In fact, visit their home and Hulksmash them if the latter is the case!

Have A Purpose

It’s true, even though we’re being very eloquent and philosophical about texting! A purpose for conversations is necessary, and when you have a purpose, you text more effectively. You know how every meeting has an agenda so that everyone can express themselves? Apply the same strategy to some of your texting, at the very least.

Make your text conversations a comprehensive plan, whether you’re engaging in a business text chain or just practicing being a less dry texter with your girlfriend. What’s your goal? Are you looking for a date? Have you already gone on a few dates and are wondering how to advance things? (No, you filthy mind—we don’t mean pornographic images!)

Have a text strategy and write accordingly to raise the bar on your texting. If you tend to overthink the “appropriate” response to every message or are not spontaneous, this is a great way to avoid having boring text conversations.

Use Emojis/gifs/memes

how to not be a dry texter

Yes, you can use the eggplant emoji while being an adult. Also mentioned are the peach and the red-clad dancer. The vibrant sprinkles on the texting equivalent of a cupcake are emojis, GIFs, and memes. They make people laugh, they lighten the mood, and they actually function as a separate language.

Use these in particular if you text cautiously and feel awkward using a lot of words. If your crush just asked you if you enjoy listening to his favorite band and you actually despise them, you can reply, “Not really,” and add a happy emoji to the sentence.

This is a great example of how to avoid coming across as a dry texter when trying to answer a question when you are uncomfortable giving a direct response but still don’t want to leave the other person in the dark.

Make Your Crush Smile With Memes

Once you’ve gotten used to emojis, use humorous memes to text in a fun way. What better way is there to express your feelings if your crush sends you something that makes you blush? Find the ideal meme, and express your feelings through it.

You’ll have a good time doing it and enjoy texting more.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Asking the right questions will make you an engaging texter. If you know what questions to ask, any topic can be made interesting. If you are talking about how to handle stress at work, you can ask questions like:

  • “What are your interests?”
  • “What activities can you engage in to unwind?”

It keeps the conversation going and helps you both understand one another better.

Show Your Sense Of Humor

Being funny is a great way to make texting fun. It is so much nicer to text with someone funny. If you want to learn how to avoid sending dry texts, keep this in mind.

You simply start grinning and even laughing aloud. Deliberately making up your own jokes, memes, or even just simple, random jokes is perfectly acceptable.

Go Ahead And Flirt A Little

how to not be a dry texter

Make texting more enjoyable by using a little flirtation and teasing. Avoid using the same old greeting every day; it gets old fast! Be impulsive and slightly flirtatious in place of that. Additionally, it keeps things interesting.

Invest In The Conversation

The person you are texting is worthwhile. You come off as boring when you don’t put any effort or time into the conversation. The fact that you’re not fully present can be sensed by them. If you’re going to text and don’t want to be a boring texter, make an investment.

Remember The Details

Whether you are speaking to a friend or a crush, be sure to pay attention to the little details in your exchange. What do you think when someone recalls a minor detail about you? I assume you feel unique.

The person you are texting experiences the same thing. Do not forget people, places, or occasions. Even better conversations will result from this. You could catch up if they ever brought up those minor details again.

Turn Texting Into A Conversation

The majority of the time, we only use texting for brief communications that lack any semblance of a real conversation. Don’t be a sterile texter if you want to learn more about your crush.

Make an effort to engage in conversation. If you find it difficult to communicate your thoughts and feelings in text, don’t worry. You can improve with a little practice. The convenience of texting may even grow on you.

Know Your Limits

how to not be a dry texter

Be considerate, respectful, and kind at all times.

Being able to joke around and even be a little flirtatious will help you stop being a dry texter, but you should never lose sight of respect.

If they don’t reply right away, don’t keep sending them the same message. In particular, be cautious with your jokes, and don’t get upset if they miss a special date.

Share Your Experiences

Another way to communicate is through texting. Don’t be afraid to share some personal information because communication is a two-way street. If your crush starts a conversation and shares something, you can respond with your own stories.

You will be able to get to know each other better as well as strengthen your relationship. What a fantastic way to get to know one another.

Be Invested

The same way Amazon stock is to a text relationship. Well, not really, but you get the idea. Always an investment, communication requires work if you want any returns. Please refrain from text ghosting. Avoid disappearing after a fruitful text conversation only to reappear three days later expecting to continue the conversation where you left off.

Invest in being courteous, and consistent, and use texting as a way to get to know people. Keeping the conversation going, like a good game of ping-pong, is the key to staying engaged when texting lies. Things will inevitably fizzle out before they even get started if there isn’t enough back and forth. Don’t let it get that far.

Don’t Be Over-eager

As we just mentioned, be invested, but for the love of God, know when to draw the line. Don’t send them endless “good morning” texts, smiling selfies of your breakfast, or minute-by-minute updates. Don’t send a dejected emoji or ten question marks if they don’t reply within a short period of time.

As soon as you have given them some time to think things over, you can decide whether to let it go. Remember that texting has its own healthy relationship boundaries. And sending duplicate texts is just sad. You come off as a little desperate, and that, my friend, is almost certain to turn people off. Therefore, in your attempt to stop sending dry texts, don’t take it too far.

Share From Your End

Like all forms of communication, texting involves both parties. If your crush has been sending you cute text messages with updates about their lives or pictures, it would be nice if you reciprocated. Inform them of your discomfort if they are oversharing via text, and perhaps you can reach a compromise.

People only want you to be open and honest when you text them.

how to not be a dry texter

For instance, if you’re in the getting-to-know each other phase and don’t feel comfortable laying your heart bare over texts, tell them, “I’d like to personally tell you the rest, though.” There aren’t many better examples of how to avoid being a dry texter than this. You’ve not only aroused their curiosity but also set the stage for a subsequent date. Et, voila!

Ask For An Opinion

People love to be asked for their opinion; in fact, they frequently do so even when they are not specifically requested. However, it’s a good idea to seek advice if you’re hoping to avoid being a boring texter and strike it lucky.

It could be anything from sending a photo and asking, “Consider this outfit to be appropriate?” to “How did the presidential debate strike you?” When you ask someone their opinion, you start a conversation and give them the impression that you value what they have to say. Knowing we matter to someone is the essence of love.


There is a lot of criticism directed at texting. It’s not genuine, it takes too much work, it’s not the same as talking in real life, etc. Take your time and savor the task at hand. A great way to develop a relationship is through texting.

Beyond just getting your crush’s attention, knowing how to avoid being a dry, boring texter will be helpful. You will definitely benefit from these text conversation spice-up ideas.