Learn more about the love of sociopaths by reading this article.

Numerous sociopaths come from what appear to be loving, close-knit families, and they attract a bizarre amount of romantic attention. But it raises the question of whether sociopaths are truly capable of love. These inquiries are so absurd they are almost comical if you truly understand and know the sociopath.

Sociopaths lack empathy, are cunning, and have a pathological need to lie. They use charm and deception to worm their way into people’s lives in order to benefit themselves. The obvious reply is therefore no.

Can Sociopaths Love?

Sociopaths are capable of loving if we define love in a way that mirrors how they control others. However, in order to truly make this claim, we must define love according to our current circumstances. Don’t worry; whenever we want, we can redefine it to suit our needs by acting like a sociopath.

can sociopaths love
  • Sociopaths are capable of loving when it serves as a trap and a tool to control others.
  • Sociopaths are capable of loving when it is expressed verbally but not emotionally.
  • Sociopaths can love if the emotion of love is not an emotion but a feeling of fascination or power.
  • Sociopaths can love, but only when it is a shallow lie told for personal gain, not when it is an expression of connection.
  • Sociopaths are capable of loving when sex is seen as the equivalent of love and sex itself is nothing more than fleeting pleasure.
  • Sociopaths are capable of loving when it is a verb rather than an emotion.
  • Sociopaths can love if their acts of love involve deception and role-playing in order to benefit themselves.

To a sociopath, true love is a love of

  • him/herself
  • power
  • playing and winning his/her version of the game of life.

A sociopath can put on a convincing act and behave kindly. He can act as though he cares and loves you, but you are unaware that he is constantly deciding which of your buttons to press and when. She has the ability to swoon and declare her love. But can sociopaths really fall in love?

No, a sociopath cannot love when love is a profound and complex feeling, a sentiment of affection, tenderness, bonding, and connection between people.

What is a Sociopath?

An antisocial personality disorder is known as sociopathy. Normal social norms are broken by sociopaths. Both empathy and regret are absent from them. To further their own agenda, they influence others.

Sociopaths don’t care what they do to their victims as long as they receive the benefit of their actions. This could be in the form of resources, focus, or authority.

So, can sociopaths love someone? Consider the characteristics of sociopathic people in more detail and decide whether you believe them to be lovable.

can sociopaths love
  • Lack of empathy
  • Ignore social rules
  • Manipulative
  • Arrogant
  • Compulsive liars
  • Controlling
  • Uses others
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Doesn’t learn from mistakes
  • Criminal activity
  • Violent and aggressive
  • Difficulty managing responsibilities
  • Low emotional intelligence
  • Prone to intimidation and threats

How Sociopathy Plays Out in a Relationship?

This isn’t good news for romantic relationships, as should be expected. “The key here is that these individuals violate social norms and expectations, which often results in negative consequences for the individual or those in proximity to the individual,” she adds. With a psychological makeup like that, it’s pretty clear that a sociopath isn’t capable of a normal loving relationship.

“Sociopaths value themselves above others,” Susan Masterson, Ph.D., a psychologist based in Lexington, Kentucky, tells Health. “Others’ feelings are either secondary to or unimportant to them, so they don’t bother to consider anything other than what they want or need.” That kind of singular focus wouldn’t exactly make a sociopath a great partner, given that healthy relationships are about intimacy and compromise.

A self-serving ideology forms the basis of an APD diagnosis; sociopaths make decisions based on their own needs and desires and don’t consider how their actions may affect others, including those they may be in a relationship.

“It’s these very personality characteristics that affect the individual’s ability to love on many levels,” says Manly. “The foundation of self-confidence and awareness is necessary for true love because it enables a profound love and respect for others. True love is not egocentric and self-serving.” True love is impossible for those with APD because they lack that capacity.

What Love Looks Like to a Sociopath?

Of course, this does not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that sociopaths are capable of experiencing love. However, this illustration demonstrates that it’s possible to have a mutually beneficial relationship with a sociopath.

It all depends on how open and understanding each partner is with the other.

You will be a simple target for manipulation if you are unaware that you are dating a sociopath. However, if you are aware of how your partner operates, you can modify or lower your level of expectation to fit their limited definition of love.

can sociopaths love

A sociopath’s definition of love may include refraining from robbing you dry of all the money in your bank account or treating you nicely when you are upset. Love for a sociopath in a relationship could mean not having an extramarital affair or not lying about having one.

So, can sociopaths experience love? I’m not sure if their concept of love matches ours. Due to their lack of empathy, sociopaths. In my opinion, caring about another person and being aware of how they are feeling are the cornerstones of true love.

Do not misunderstand; I am not claiming that sociopaths experience love in the same manner as humans. Being vulnerable, prioritizing others, and having affection and tenderness for another person are all characteristics of love. Sociopaths, in my opinion, are not able to have such a profound connection.

However, I think sociopaths are capable of their brand of love. Maybe there should be a “sociopathic love language,” just as there are five different “love languages”?

If someone doesn’t intentionally harm you, doesn’t steal from you, or doesn’t admit when they’ve messed up, that could be a sign of sociopathic love.

The things mentioned above are obvious in normal relationships, but to a sociopath, they are indications of love.

Final Thoughts

Love is a complex collection of feelings. Deep bonds and connections with the other person are necessary. a yearning to be with them and a feeling of loss when they are not. to be aware of their suffering and avoid causing it. Love makes you feel sentimental and tender toward the object of your affection.

Absolutely, a sociopath can be the love of your life. Can a sociopath return love? Yes, but only according to his own definition of love, which is a controlling, heartless kind of love.